About Jigsaw

About Jigsaw

What is Jigsaw

Jigsaw (Family Services Incorporated) puts the protection and well-being of New Zealand's children first.

We are a network of 44 organisations working to stop child abuse, neglect and family violence in our communities. Together we help families raise their children in safe, nurturing ways.

Our vision is: Spark the dream – thriving children and flourishing families.

Our principles and values are:

We value all people and act with generosity and integrity. We are inclusive, transparent and collaborative, seeking always to promote genuine respectful relationships and to provide outstanding service.

Tika - doing the right thing
Pono – doing it with integrity
Aroha - driving it with sincerity


What We Stand For

Jigsaw stands for:

  • thriving children
  • dads being the best they can be within their families
  • mums being supported to be the best they can be
  • families that flourish

Jigsaw stands against:

  • child abuse and neglect
  • violence towards women and
  • all forms of violence within the home.

If you agree with these principles and want to play your part for our children, then read on to find ways that you can get involved.


What makes Jigsaw different

Our strengths are our independence and strong foundations within New Zealand’s many communities. Our members have local knowledge, expertise and flexibility. They are on the ground ready to promote children’s well-being and respond to need where and when it arises.

The national Jigsaw team draws on the expertise of its members to:

  • provide leadership in promoting childrens’ well-being locally, regionally and nationally
  • campaign for change that promotes safe thriving families and stops child abuse and family violence
  • inform and educate families in raising and nurturing their children
  • support member organisatons to effectively carry out their family violence prevention work
  • advise Government in ways that contribute to the success of policy, services and programmes in local communities


How can Jigsaw make a difference to preventing family violence?

The Jigsaw team supports the frontline work of our member organisations to eliminate all forms of child abuse and family violence in our communities.

As one of New Zealand’s three national violence protection agencies (with Women’s Refuge and the National Network of Stopping Violence Services) Jigsaw transforms the experiences and knowledge of its members into action at a national level.

Jigsaw provides professional, practical resources, services, training and development for our members to do the best job possible for our children and families.

We bring organisations together to learn from each other; we run national campaigns of common interest like the successful Kids are Unbeatable campaign with The Body Shop; and we create partnerships in the wider community to disperse our messages.

Our work can be as complex as leading advocacy on all issues relating to child witnesses of family violence and as simple as organising a skype conversation for a small child whose mother is hospitalised in a distant city.


Why did we pick a jigsaw?

Like a jigsaw puzzle, the Jigsaw network of organisations is strongly constructed and closely interconnected. Each piece (member organisation) contributes its expertise and local knowledge towards Jigsaw’s overall purpose or kaupapa. Together the big picture we create strengthens our influence.

Jigsaw has the interlocking aims of prevention and promotion. We can bring about positive change by not only intervening in family violence but showing what it takes for families to raise happy, confident children.


Our History

Jigsaw Family Services is founded on the legacy of a small group of networked local community agencies established in 1983 and called Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) NZ.

In 2006, CAPS was re-branded to become Jigsaw. Since then, this community based network of independent local agencies has over doubled in size, become much more culturally diverse and has built a strong reputation for professionalism, integrity, best practice and innovation.

While Jigsaw’s main focus continues to be the prevention of child abuse, neglect and family violence, we also have a strongly demonstrated commitment to helping families flourish, so that they can provide the safe and nurturing environment their children need, to reach their full potential.

If you would like to help Jigsaw make a positive difference for children and families - find out more about how you can support us.





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