Many Voices, One Purpose

Many Voices One Purpose

Imagine that every day in your community every family had someone to call on to share their hopes, their good times, and their hard times ...

At Jigsaw, we know that in each community in Aotearoa/New Zealand, there is an untapped pool of people who can make an important difference for children and families.  They want to help but they are not sure how.

Many Voices, One Purpose is a campaign that supports individual communities to discover their own strengths and ways of supporting children and families.  This year Jigsaw is piloting its community engagement approach with the Thames community.  Find out more about our exciting project: TLC Thames Linking Communities.

Sally Christie, Project Manager
Sally Christie, Project Manager

We will share the lessons learned from the TLC project so that a positive message of change and hope spreads throughout the country.

Our aim is for each community in New Zealand to unite to support children and families.  Find out what you can do to ignite change in your community.

Enquiries to:
Leigh-Anne Wiig
Media and Communications Manager
04 3857983

Seeds of change planted in Thames, Whangarei

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