Extra-Ordinary Dads

Warren Ropiha with son JaedynThe extra-ordinary dads campaign celebrates fathers and the important role they play in their children's lives.

The campaign aims to spark conversations about what makes a good father as dads share stories about taking the time to play with, listen to and encourage their kids and to create strong positive family relationships ... read more

Spark the Dream Within

A campaign that encourages parents, families and communities to seek positive, loving ways to spark their children's dreams ... read more

Many Voices, One Purpose

Communities unite to help children and families thrive

With funding from the Todd Foundation, Jigsaw is enabling individuals and organisations within communities around Aotearoa/New Zealand to come together to support children and families.

Find out abour our community engagement project in Thames (TLC Thames Linking Communities) and learn what you can do to ignite change in your own community ... read more



General Resources

Jigsaw has a range of resources including posters and postcards.  See the full range and how to order here (5.48 MB) 

Fruity Faces

'Protect me, don't bruise me'

An exciting new business venture for Jigsaw is reaching fruition – pun intended – with the launch of the Fruity Faces campaign.

Jigsaw has the sole agency to market these cute and cool clip-on containers for kids schoolbags, which are inflatable and help protect fruit from being bruised.

Find out more about Fruity Faces and how to order here



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