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In your Region

Jigsaw partner agency information and contact details. Click on the appropriate region for services in your area.

  • A number of Jigsaw partner agencies use volunteers, read more


Jigsaw North

25 Otaika Road,
PO Box 5012
(09) 438 8852

We provide:

  • individual counselling for adults and teenagers
  • family therapy for the whole family
  • sand tray and appropriate other work with children
  • parenting educational groups, which include a range of areas such as child development, parenting strategies, stress, step families, challenging children, sibling rivalry and raising teenagers.

These don't happen all the time but are available from time to time as demand dictates. We work to an appointment framework. We have a range of counsellors –male, female, Maori and non-Maori. Our fee structure is $30 waged, $10 unwaged or a koha. The majority of people pay a proportion of the fee but is not an issue if you can't afford it.

Te Korowai Aroha Pumau Inc

241-243 Rodney Street, Wellsford
PO Box 57 Wellsford
(09) 4239481

We continue to work our He Taonga Te Mokopuna Programmes with children. We also operate a Kohungahunga out of our Safe House and Promote Preschool Education to the wider community. This year we have ventured out into the schools to mahi with the Tangata Whenua children who are not getting their needs catered for in the state school systems. We also go into the alternative schools to mahi with identity, self esteem, confidence, actions and consequences, grief, family violence, and abusive relationships.



violence free waitakere

P O Box 21920, Henderson
Phone (09) 416 8774 or (09) 837 4849

Violence Free Waitakere is a project dedicated to the primary prevention of violence in Waitakere.

It was established in 1998, initally as a collective response of the agencies involved in responding to the incidence and effects of violence in the city, to the challenge of preventing the violence from happening in the first place. The project name at that stage was Zero Tolerance to Violence Waitakere. One of the first projects was the establishment of a charter and then to collect signatories to that charter from the wider community of schools, businesses and individuals.

Over the ten years that it has been operating, the project has spread into other areas of activity which include partnering with community action organisations as varied the Ranui Action Project, Kelston Community Trust and the Massey Matters Team. In each if these areas, community awards have been established. The Dob in a Do-Gooder awards in Ranui, Kelston Pride, and the Massey Marvels. The Violence Free 'Begins with Me' Schools project was begun in 2004 in Ranui.

Other projects have been taken up, the Promoting Great Parenting stream of Te Korowai Manaaki was the next large piece of work we took responsibility for. This was based on a study conducted by the Waitakere City Council "Great Start Waitakere / Te Korowai Manaaki" It was focused on safety for the under fives in our community. Out of this stream, the Toddler Day Out and Great Parenting Fairs began in partnership with the Early Childhood Education Network, as well as a focus on Fathering and also the Parenting For Peace Expos which are held in the Malls of the city to promote the resources and services available for parents.

The Brainwave Trust

P O Box 55206 Mission Bay,
Auckland 1744
Phone/Fax (09) 528 3981

Brainwave is an organisation that educates the community about the latest research in neuroscience. We now know that a child’s experiences from conception to three largely determine how their brain develops, and whether they will become capable, contributing, well adjusted adults.

shine* - safer homes in new zealand everyday

PO Box 90279
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142
AGM Building, Ground Floor
409 New North Road (Corner of New North Road and Bond Street)
Auckland 1142
(09) 815 4601
Freecall Nationwide Helpline: 0508 744 633

We offer a range of services to help stop domestic violence and support victims of domestic violence, including: a national 0508 Family Violence Helpline; 24 hour crisis and advocacy for adult and child victims of family violence; a stopping violence programme for male perpetrators of violence; a Child Crisis Team intervention service for children who have witnessed family violence; an interagency network; and an employer response programme. For full details on our services, see our website.

Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri

PO Box 97701 
Auckland 2241
210 Redoubt Road
Auckland 2105
(the house is located on the corner of Redoubt and Murphy Roads, and is not visible from the street)
(09) 270 2631
Fax (09) 276 2224

Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri is a charitable agency under the direction and guidance of Te Pihopatanga o Te Tai Tokerau. Operating from a Kaupapa Maori base our Nil Fee Stopping Violence programmes include a range of mechanisms by which participants come to understand their situation, beginning with tikanga Maori and understanding the historical, social and political context that influences the current nature of domestic violence. Our holistic approach to service provision supports cultural-responsiveness to Maori and non-Maori families and individuals experiencing multiple disadvantages. 

Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri is:

Section 403 Child Youth And Their Families Act Approved Provider
Ministry of Justice approved for provision of domestic violence programmes.

Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri also provides services in the following areas:

  • Relationship and parenting counselling 
  • Self Esteem, Development & Behavior Modification
  • Family/Whanau Development 
  • Counselling for adults, children & young people 
  • Help with Protection Orders 
  • Physical and emotional abuse 
  • Grief, loss, depression, anxiety and stress reduction 
  • Social Work intervention
  • Pastoral care

Te Roopu o te whanau rangimarie o tamiki makaurau

2 Cameo Court Road
P O Box 43264
(09) 275 1230
Fax: 275 1231,nz

The services and programmes delivered are:

  • Safe house for wahine and tamariki
  • Violence prevention programmes for me
  • Wahine Awhina (protected women’s programme)
  • Tupuranga O te Whanau (growth of the family, positive parenting
  • He Taonga He Mokopuna – safety and healing for children

Te Puna Kohunagahunga O Te Whanau Rangimarie – PUNA (playgroup/early childhood education group)


773 New North Road
Mt Albert
(09) 551 4367

Thrive Teen Parent Support Trust is based in Auckland and works with young parents up to the age of 23. Thrive aims to empower young parents with knowledge and the ability to make positive choices for themselves and their children. The focus is on early engagement, especially at the antenatal stage. Thrive, which has been an independent trust since 2011, grew out of a project from the Auckland Women's Centre. Thrive also employs young parents in their organisation and gives them work and study skills in a supportive environment.


Ground Floor, 21 Fusion Rd

(09) 271 5412
Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust aims to teach people the skills needed to be emotionally and physically safe with others and with themselves.
- Effective and positive training in violence prevention, personal safety and self defence for real life situations.
- The unique approach is suitable for all ages and all abilities; for individuals, staff and professional


Waikato / Bay of Plenty

CAPS Hauraki

732b Queen Street
PO Box 552
(07) 868 8644
Fax (07) 868 8685

Paeroa office:
1a Corbett Street, Paeroa
(07) 862 6134
Fax (07) 862 6848

CAPS Hauraki is a community agency based in Thames and Paeroa servicing the wider Hauraki area. they focus on working in partnership with families to overcome problems. CAPS Hauraki belive that the wellbeing of the child is linked to the wellbeing of the family. They work to enhance the environment of the child by offering support to the family as a whole.

CAPS Hauraki offer the following services:

  • home visits, support and advocacy for families
  • counselling and support for children and their families
  • individual and family counselling/therapy
  • parenting support and education groups
  • telephone support and information service
  • Parents as First Teachers programme
  • groups for children and adults who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence.


PO Box 15683
Tauranga 3144
0800 366 878

One small step for a child, one giant leap for their education.

Footsteps Poutama is changing the lives of vulnerable children through early childhood education. By providing a specialised education programme on behalf of the Ministry of Education, our qualified teachers take pre-school children/tamariki and their caregivers on an amazing learning journey. We are committed to the highest quality, which is why our teachers receive an industry leading 20 days training a year, spend up to 75% longer on visits than other providers and are trained in child abuse prevention. This commitment to quality ensures we can meet the needs of children, caregivers and whanau to keep the child at the heart of our endeavours.

We provide the following services:

- home-based learning programmes
- parent support programmes
- transition to school programmes
- childcare - both finding and placing caregivers


10 Kesteven Street
(07) 578 6450

The Merivale Community Centre and its volunteers are working to develop the Merivale neighbourhood in positive ways. They are bringing the community closer together by providing programs and services for both the young and old in their community. These include:

  • social work services (including child protection referral from CYF)
  • mentoring,
  • OSCAR holiday programmes

maketu social services

Little Waihi Road
c/o NZ Post
(07) 533 2551

Provides a mix of mental and physical health services and are looking towards the development of their social services. Over half of the services are directed towards children and rangatahi. Services include:

  • Tamariki Ora
  • Kaumatua programme
  • Drug and Alcohol AdolescentServices
  • Community Child and Youth Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Adult Services
  • Mental Health Needs Assessment Service Coordination
  • Diabetes Programme
  • Rangatahi Holiday Programme
  • Kaumatua Day Programme

Ngaruawahia Tu Tangata Charitable Trust

13 Galileo Street, Ngaruawahia
PO Box 77, Ngaruawahia
(07) 824 9358
Fax (07) 824 5209

Established eight years ago, they have a collaborative and innovative approach to strengthening whanau. The support, education and wellbeing of children, youth and their families is their primary focus. The Trust delivers programmes for the benefit of all people requiring assistance, with a specific focus on family violence.

Child Matters

PO Box 679
(07) 838 3370
Fax (07) 838 9950

Child Matters is a charitable trust that has been providing training throughout New Zealand on recognising and responding to child abuse for 12 years. It is our dream to make New Zealand the safest place in the world for children and we work towards this through education and awareness. Child Matters offers courses at different levels from one or half day workshops, to a five day programme as well as a diploma. Child Matters is also well positioned to tailor courses to specifically meet the need of individual organisations. Founded and still lead by CEO Anthea Simcock, Child Matters prides itself in the quality of its training material and delivery and receives consistently positive feedback from students. Post course reporting tells of new confidence and an overall positive difference in dealing with at risk children. For further information or a copy of the Child Matters Prospectus please visit the Child Matters website.

Mana Social Services Trust

Level 2, Community House
1115 Haupapa Street
PO Box 775
(07) 348 6191
Fax (07) 348 6192

The services we offer include counselling in grief and loss, abuse prevention, safe disciplining of children, how to manage anger, relationship issues, lessening stress and raising self esteem, childhood abuse etc. We are involved in a Te Arawa initiative - working with tangata whenua in Te Arawa who have issues around gambling. We also work with Child Youth and Family (CYF) on Demand Management Strategy (DMS) where we assess family/whanau to ascertain what support services need to be put in place to enable parents to fulfil their role and responsibilities for the safe care of children.

Care services - we have a shared care contract with CYF. We run an array of programmes:

  • Social workers in Schools
  • Restorative Justice processes for adults and children (9-13 years)\
  • Police diversion Scheme for first time offenders
  • Positive Parenting strategies - involvement in a Marae based programme
  • Parenting through separation (MOJ approved)\
  • Clean Anger (small groups of children) on a school site

Taupo Therapy Centre

9 Manuka Street
R D 2
(07) 376 8222

We support the philosophy and the practice of a holistic approach, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, as well as the importance of family and community relationships. Our therapists at the centre have been trained in a variety of modalities, including cognitive behavioural therapy, interactive drawing therapy, narrative therapy, Reiki and psychosynthesis. We provide individual and group counselling and have a youth worker available. Topics covered in workshops and programmes include:

  • stress management
  • support and advocacy
  • personal growth
  • trauma and abuse
  • depression
  • anger management.



Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki

Tangata Whenua Development and Liberation Service
Barrett Street, New Plymouth
PO Box 4030 New Plymouth
(06) 758 5795

Tu Tama Wahine O Taranaki Inc (TTW) is a kaupapa based Tangata Whenua development and liberation service that adheres proudly to the tikanga that such a stance requires. The organisation has two kaumatua who ensure the cultural safety of the organisation, and also that the practices of tikanga Maaori are used correctly and appropriately. TTW has a 20 year track record of working successfully in the area of women's and children's well-being, domestic violence, sexual abuse, meaningful activity, educational resource - writing programmes for NZQA approval and in more recent years Maaori mental health, social worker in schools, domestic violence education programmes for men, women and children, rangatahi after school programmes, intensive social work with families, domestic violence education training and training for trainers.


Hawke's Bay

Presyterian support east coast

Cnr Bright Street and Childers Road
PO Box 904
(06) 868 1399
Fax: (06) 868 1396

Herataunga House
Cnr Lyndon Rd and Warren Street
PO Box 69
Hastings 4156
(06) 876 2156
Fax (06) 876 3659

Our vision is of communities on the East Coast that are healthy, inclusive and just; where all people have a sense of well-being, hope for the future and connection with one another. We seek to address the causes and effects of social distress and inequity by working with others for positive change, providing services and mobilising people to care for each other.


125 Ruataniwha St
(06) 858 9891

We offer counselling and social work services in central Hawke’s Bay. Our staff is qualified and our services are free. Appointments are available from 9am to 4pm. We work with most issues and provide an advocacy service. We are the contact for the local food bank.

Tararua Family Services

8 Ward St
PO Box 40
(06) 374 5029

We help and support individuals and family and whānau through counselling, educational services and family assistance in the wider Dannevirke community and Tararua district. We offer a safe and confidential family support service and can work with families in their homes, or in our office. We can assist in the following areas:

  • Family therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • Rural and Family Whanau Support
  • Social Worker in Schools (SWIS)
  • Big Brother, Big Sister Programme



Stopping Violence Services Wairarapa

Level 3
Departmental Building
31 Chapel Street

(06) 377 0933

We offer a range of services and programmes to empower individuals and families affected by violence and abuse to make positive changes and build respectful and trusting relationship. We provide stopping violence programmes for men, anger change and support and educations programmes for women, youth and parenting programmes and youth victims of violence programmes. We also provide family and whānau support services for any family affected by violence. For full details see our website

Manawatu / Wanganui

jigsaw Whanganui

Suite 10
236 Victoria Avenue
PO Box 4295
(06) 345 1636

Established in 1990, we are a community not for profit agency working in Whanganui, Waverley, Rangitikei and the Waimarino. We value families and whānau and believe their needs must be met for us to have a healthy society. Our professional services work to strengthen and support families and whānau and assist them to:

  • build positive relationships
  • develop skills and knowledge
  • provide a safe environment free from abuse and violence
  • improve the well-being and outcomes for children, young people and adults.

We provide the following services : intensive home-based social work support to families under stress, education programmes for parents and telephone crisis support for families.

Te Manawa Services, Feilding

Cnr Stafford and Fergusson Streets
PO Box 368
(06) 323 8330
Fax (06) 323 9330

Te Manawa Services is a community based provider of anger management, stopping violence, parenting, youth and other associated family and Whanau support programmes and services. We work with individuals and families in Feilding and surrounding areas to develop the skills and understanding they need for a safe and healthy family life. Te Manawa Services is accredited as an approved provider of Stopping violence and Anger Management programmes with Ministry of Justice and Child, Youth and Family.

Te Manawa - the heart, reflects our passion for creating safety, equality and respect for all people.

Parentline Manawatu

2nd floor,
Community House,
77-85 King Street
Palmerston North
(06) 355 1655

We provide counselling for individuals, couples and family/whanau. Our parenting programmes include: Effective Parenting; What Pushes Your Buttons?; Anger Change (for women); the GAIN Family Programme (for parents/caregivers and their youth); and Blended Families. These are generally available each term. We also provide a 24-hour parenting helpline staffed by trained volunteers. We bring a parenting speaker to the Palmerston North community each year in partnership with D'Zine Furniture (a local Business). Previous speakers have been Norm Hewitt , Diane Levy and Nigel Latta.

Abuse & Rape crisis support (ARCS)

PO Box 673 Palmerston North
(06) 356 5868
Fax (06) 355 9088

The Manawatu Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (MRSAC) has been supporting women, children and men who have experienced sexual violence for the past twenty years. Originally we were Palmerston North Rape Crisis but we decided to change our name in 2000 to reflect the changing focus of our agency - we wanted to be more pro-active and focus on prevention as well as supporting survivors within the whole of the Manawatu - and to incorporate the fact that sexual violence includes many types of abuse, not just rape. Many people do not contact us immediately when they are in 'crisis', but may wait many years until it is the right time for them to talk and get support for what happened to them. Our prevention services include going into High Schools within the Manawatu and talking to students about Date Rape and how to prevent it from happening to them. For the past five years, MRSAC has also run a court-approved children's programme - VOYAGE (Valuing Ourselves, Youth Activities, Group, Education) - that supports the whole family/whanau who have witnessed or experienced any form of abuse.



TE ROOPU AWHINA family start

Kowhai Villa
5 Rauta Crescent
P O Box 50 436
(04) 238 4092
(04) 238 4093 (fax)

Family Start is a programme to improve life outcomes for children in families whose social and family circumstances put at risk good health education and welfare outcomes for their children.

Our goal is to:

  • Improve health and wellbeing of children
  • Improve parenting
  • Improve circumstances for parents

Family Start is a free and voluntary programme providing intensive ongoing support to parents of newborn children for the first five years of the child's life. Our focus is on child development and to assist the family to strengthen and improve their situation where they no longer require our assistance.

Parent Help Wellington

Level 2, Wellington People’s Centre
2 Lukes Lane
(04) 802 5767

We provide a wide range of services including:

  • a 24-hour confidential telephone support service for parents and caregivers
  • counselling for individuals and families
  • parenting skills programmes
  • Anger Change for Women courses.

Catholic Social Services

152 Brougham Street, Mt Victoria
P O Box 9408, Wellington 6141
(04) 385 8642
Fax (04) 385 8640

Catholic Social Services is based in Wellington and offers social work and counselling to help people work through their family problems and move forward in a positive way. They work with people from many differing religious and cultural backgrounds including a significant number of pacific and migrant families. The agency has two social workers and six counsellors and is the only generic counselling service in Wellington.

One social worker is based at St Vincent De Paul whose work includes general social work and budgeting. The other is based at Catholic Social Services main office and works with families in the community. Together the social workers pick up work through schools they visit each week and through general referrals.

The agency’s range of programmes include Parenting Through Separation, Living Without Violence and The Young Men’s programme. Occasionally they also offer other programmes such as ‘Cooking on a Small Budget’ (a programme where parents learn to cook a family meal for $12) and ‘Seasons for Growth (a programme that walks people through issues associated though grief and loss).


2nd floor, National Bank Building
Entrance on the Corner of Green and Riddiford Streets
PO Box 7309, Newtown
Wellington South
0800 299 100 or (04) 939 6767
Fax (04) 939 4759

Skylight offers unique and empowering support and resources to children, teens and their families who are impacted by loss and grief – whatever the cause, which includes MOJ contracted education programmes (groups) for children affected by family violence. We also provide support for professionals and community groups by providing resources, information, training and professional support. We assist families, caregivers, professionals and communities as they work alongside and care for children, young people and their families/whanau who are going through tough times.


Nelson / Marlborough

Family Start Nelson : He Matapuna Ora Trust

Ground Floor, 38 Halifax Street
PO Box 759 Nelson
(03) 545 8931
Fax (03) 545 8932

Family Start is a child-centred, family-focused, early intervention, intensive home visiting programme that works with families with the greatest needs, to build their strengths and capacity to ensure that their children have the best possible start in life. It is delivered by He Matapuna Ora Trust, a collaborative initiative involving five Nelson based organisations.


George Harvey Road
Upper Moutere 7173
(03) 543 2669
0800 KIDPOW (0800 543 769)

Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust aims to teach people the skills needed to be emotionally and physically safe with others and with themselves.

  • Effective and positive training in violence prevention, personal safety and self defence for real life situations.

  • The unique approach is suitable for all ages and all abilities; for individuals, staff and professionals.


West Coast

Family Start Buller-Grey: Tai Poutini Whanau Po Kite Ata Trust

98 Brougham Street,
PO Box 342 Westport
(03) 789 6561
Fax: (03) 789 6735


2A Albert Street
(03) 768 6568
Fax: (03) 768 6569

Family Start Buller-Grey is funded under the Family Start initiative delivered by Tai Poutini Whanau Po Kite Ata Trust, an independent community based trust locally formed on the West Coast. It delivers an early intervention service that is ‘child centred and family focused’. They aim to provide intensive support early in a child’s life with the intention of promoting wellbeing and preventing parenting difficulties and/or harm to children.

Homebuilders West Coast Trust

52 Mill Street, Westport
PO Box 388 Westport
(03) 788 8065
Fax (03) 788 8066


24 Guiness Street
(03) 768 6665

  • Social work support for children, young people, and families
  • Respite care for children
  • Family therapy/counselling for children and families
  • Social worker in schools services in Westport and Greymouth
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters youth mentoring programme
  • Te Rito Family Violence Network
  • Strengthening Families

Focus Trust Greymouth

18 Tasman Street
P O Box 507
(03) 768 0369

We run parent education programmes and provide education and advocacy for families experiencing domestic violence. We also run a 5-10 club and are planning to provide an out pf school care and recreation service. Demand for our home support services continues to increase.

Rata Te Awhina Trust

41 Weld Street
PO Box 271
(03) 755 6572
Fax (03) 755 6578

We are a Kaupapa Maori Health and Social Service provider delivering services from Karamea to Haast. We have a mobile health waka that takes 10 weeks to cover the whole area. Because this services gets to rural places we receive many referrals for other services. Our vision is 'growing futures for whanau' and we are out there making a difference. Out workers are multi-skilled and we promote the message that 'violence in any form is unacceptable'.



Stopping Violence Services, Christchurch

7a Harakeke Street, Riccarton
PO Box 774,
0800 478 778 or (03) 365 6266
Fax (03) 365 6180

In 2008 SSVS began an ‘Enabling Youth’ full time programme dedicated providing group and individual support to Canterbury’s young people, both male and female. We also provide an education programme for the parents, caregivers and support personnel of young people who are challenged by abusive behaviours. SVS is an approved Adult Community Education Provider with the Tertiary Education Commission.

Family Help Trust

Unit 5, 31 Carlyle Street,
PO Box 22126,
(03) 365 9912
Fax (03) 365 9913

The Family Help Trust’s early intervention home visiting services are intensive, family focused and prioritize child protection. We target parents with multiple problems who have young children and aim to break cycles of intergenerational family violence and dysfunction. We provide three services to meet specific parental needs.

  1. New Start specializes in targeting repeat offenders parenting an infant
  2. Safer Families is for high-risk pregnant women.
  3. Mothers and Babies in the self care units at Christchurch Women’s Prison (New Start Plus) both pre and post release.

Hippy Hoon Hay: In 2012 we established HIPPY (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters) at Rowley Avenue Primary School in Hoon Hay. HIPPY builds brains, and bonds and bridges between children and parents. It is a two-year home-based parenting and early childhood enrichment programme that builds the confidence and skills of parents. The objective is to enable parents to create a positive learning environment to help prepare their children to enter the primary school system. HIPPY is run under the umbrella of Great Potentials in Auckland.

Te Puna Oranga Inc.

687 Worcester Street
PO Box 24-239, Eastgate,
(03) 381 8472
Fax (03) 381 8473

We are a non-profit organisation committed to restoring the Mana, Dignity and Pride of Wahine Maori and their whanau through the process of holistic healing incorporating: Te Taha Wairua (Spirituality), Te Taha Hinengaro (Awareness), Te Taha Whanau (Family), Te Taha Tinana (Physical well-being) and are committed to providing aid and support for whanau to stop the cycle of abuse.
Services and programmes offered: Counselling (specialising in Sexual Abuse). Women, Youth and Parenting DVA programmes. Individual whanau and youth support. Training: (Maori framework) Facilitation, Whanau Pathways, Domestic Violence, Cultural Supervision, Strategic planning for Maori Community, Intervention and Practices relevant to Maori Youth Whanau well being.


PO BOX 32034
Christchurch 8147
(03) 378 3847
Fax (09)377 2847
Free 24 hour support line 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669)

Rangiora correspondence: PO Box 198, Rangiora 7440, fax (03) 313 1082

Aviva (formerly Christchurch Women's Refuge) is a specialist Canterbury-based family violence prevention and intervention agency which offers support to children and their families/whanau. We passionately believe in everyone's potential to lead their own journey away from family violence if offered the right support.

We are proud to hold the history as New Zealand's first refuge and since 1998 we have offered specialist children's services. We also now work with men who are perpetrating family violence.

Our 10-week Tamariki education and support programme is delievered in a fun, child-centred and informal way, designed to be a positive experience for each child. Children will develop their own plans to stay safe; learn about healthy relationships; are supported to build their self-confidence and self-esteem; have positive, trusting experiences with others; find appropriate ways to deal with their own anger; and learn what to do when they recognise abuse.

Courses are available in Christchurch and Rangiora for children aged 5-12 years, and are approved by the Ministry of Justice. 


he waka tapu

161 Pages Road,
P O Box 15 037, Aranui,
(03) 373 8150
(03) 381 3207 (fax)

Mate kite - Vision
The vision of He Waka Tapu is to become a leading provider in the promotion of healthy, non-violent abuse free whanau as the most effective way of improving the health of individuals, whanau and community through the restoration of Maori values and practices.
'He aha te mea nui o te Ao?"
Maku e ki, 'He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.'



Jigsaw Central Lakes

63 Ballarat Street,
PO Box 302,
(03) 441 0009
Fax (03) 442 8344
24 hour crisis No: 0508 440 255

Jigsaw Central Lakes provides free services to individuals and families that are affected by Family Violence. Services offered include 24 hour telephone support, emergency accommodation, women’s and children’s domestic violence programmes, professional counselling, child and youth advocacy, strengthening families, men’s support, and a variety of educational programmes. We have been operating since 1992 and cover the Queenstown Lakes District and Central Otago regions.

mirror counselling services

8th Floor
Evan Parry House
43 Princess Street
PO Box 276
(03) 479 2970
Fax (03) 474 5679

Mirror Youth Day Programme:
PO Box 76
Waitati 9069
(03) 482 1366
Fax (03) 482 1367
Cell 0274 821 368

Mirror Services is a Dunedin-based organisation that delivers counselling and treatment programmes for children, young people and their whanau in the Otago/Southland region.

The Mirror Counselling Service Whakaata Tohu Tohu offers children and young people with emotional, behavioural, mental health and alcohol and drug problems a range of counselling services tailored specifically for the child and young person's needs.

The Mirror Youth Day Programme Whakaata Tohu Tohu o Tai Tama Wahine me Tai Tama Tane is a school term long day programme that helps young people aged 13 to 17 become in charge of their lives and address their alcohol and drug issues.

These services are designed to both honour the person attending the programme or counselling and at the same time include those significant people in that person's life - especially whanau/family members.


30 Portsmouth Drive
(Strathallan Street entrance)
P O Box 1401
Dunedin 9054
(03) 474 1121 or
0800 474 1121
Fax (03) 474 1132



Awarua Social and Health Services

190 Forth Street,
PO Box 293
(03) 218 6668
Fax (03) 218 9353



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