Child abuse is one of the most popular or common crimes in the world today.  It has become so rampant that it reached to alert level.  Many countries are developing policies to stop child abuse and they are trying to promote awareness on this issue. Child abuse comes from different ways. Physical, Emotional and Sexual abuses are just some of them. What is confusing is that, children are experiencing this from people they know, who are supposed to protect them.

Here are some ways to prevent child abuse:

  1. Be realistic. Being realistic means do not trust your child to anyone or to any situation. Be aware of reality, that children don’t tell if they are abused.  Facts also suggest that child abusers are most not strangers to the family, but, people whom you might know and or your child may know.  This is a sad fact, but, you must take this into consideration, in your decisions.
  2. Child abused always happen, when your child is alone with an adult. It is what happened in most cases.   So, the next time you go out, do not leave your child to a situation, when he is alone with one person.
  3. Be open. Being open will help influence your child to be open about it. Often, children don’t talk, because, they are afraid that their parents will ashamed and embarrass.
  4. Be alert. Be aware of your child’s behavior and be ready to spot your child’s signs of being a child abused victim.
  5. You should plan, on what to do, when your child reports abused. You must know who to call too.

Those are some ways to prevent your child to become victim of child abuse.

What shall you do if your child is already a victim of child abuse?

  1. Act on your instinct. If in any way, you will encounter a child you suspect being a victim of child abuse, contact authorities right away.
  2. If you have observed like bruises or burn and the child cannot tell you where it come from, Be cautious and alert.
  3. Be observant. Observe a child’s behavior in going home. Most child abused victim, will display fear of going home and being alone with their abuser.

Child abuse as phenomenon is growing in numbers.  Yes, there are lot of organizations that offers family services in the community. But, if people lacked awareness, and just leave it that way, this crime won’t stop.  It is because some people are no longer aware of their rights.

Here in a modern country like this, where technology is advance, this crime should be totally stop or the rate is reduced.  The next time you will be with children at a young age, be alert in observing if there are children around, who maybe a victim of child abuse.  You knew the signs, so it will be easier to spot them. Be wary that children need your protection as an adult.



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