Child abuse is now a popular crime among the developed and under developed countries in the world.  There are thousands of child abuse cases that are happening around the world. But, aside from the thousands of those cases, there are thousands more of cases, that are not reported.  So, this kind of crime is common, much more in the under developed countries, where children has less protection and they are not yet aware of their rights.

Is this crime rampant in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a very developed country and it is a country whose population is just like of Singapore.  But, it causes worries to know that it has one of the biggest child abused statistics in the region.  This all started as a punishment that will always become a regular occurrence.  This happens mostly to 5 years old and below and which includes new born babies. If not stop, this will cause damage to its developing brains.  To be able to witness such abuses at a very young age, will result to learning disorders, physical and mental health problems, drug abuse and many more disorders.

There are 5 types of childe abused that are documented, such as:

  1. Emotional abuse includes that of humiliating a child, belittling or ridiculing a child. It is a failure of the parent to provide the much-needed support of the child.
  2. Physical neglect. This kind of abuse includes failure of parents to provide their children with the basic need, such as clothing, food and shelter. It is also good to know if the reason of the abuse is willful or because of poverty.
  3. Physical abuse. This kind of abuse includes physical assault by parents or anyone that result to injuries to the child.
  4. This includes sexual assaults of minors, committed by parents, relatives and strangers.

Effects of child abuse to children:

  1. The most obvious among all the effects, because it can be seen with our naked eye. These include bruises, broken bones, and sometimes death.
  2. Victims of child abuse who suffers this effect will feel isolated, and always fearful and wont trust easily to anybody. This also includes panic disorder, dissociative disorder, anxiety and many more and sometimes, this will result to suicide.
  3. There is also a percentage, that they will experience teen pregnancy and drug addiction.

New Zealand as an industrialized and modern country is doing its best to curve out child abuses.  Here are some organizations that are willing to offer assistance to any victims of child abuse.

  1. Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). The organization will be available to provide counselors for sexually abused children.  They are also willing to shoulder part of the costs of counseling.
  2. They will provide family and child services in communities around New Zealand.
  3. Child Matters. This organization is focusing in the protection of children from any harm.
  4. Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC). Their main focus is on training health workers in sexual abuse care.

Those are just few of the organizations, who are battling child abuse in New Zealand.



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