Family abuse is one of the common abuses which are popular in New Zealand.  Because of the complexity of this kind of crime, many incidents are still not reported. And because many of such crimes are unreported, this leaves the authorities with little data for its studies in the problem.  Many families prefer not to report such incidents for fear, that their family will be put to shame or to avoid embarrassment.

This kind of behavior does not help society in anyway.  Instead it gives those criminals reason to keep on going with their activities.

Where to get help?

First thing to do is report the incident to the proper authorities. They will evaluate your situation and if found authentic, they will offer you their help.  Or, maybe, they will refer you to many non-government organizations online.

Are these services free?

Yes, these services are free.  All you need is to avail of it, as these are important to make sure that your family will continue to function as one.  They are there to offer you behavioral, emotional and other physical services, whatever your needs is.

This is your chance to stand and continue to live as a family and at the same time, cure the wound that was inflected on you.

Study’s show’s that family bused is rampant in New Zealand, because people continue to hide it from the public.  Here are some types of family abuse that is part of the report.

  1. Intimate violence is an abuse done between partners or husband and wives. It involves activities that the husband requires the wife to do forcefully.  This includes sexual harassment in the case of the wife and neglect on the needs of the wife as well.
  2. Dating- this form of violence usually involves threat to one member of a couple, if he/she doesn’t exactly, what the other wants him/her to do.
  3. Child Abuse – is a form of family abuse, which involve a child member of a family and it is mostly perpetrated by an adult member of the same family.
  4. Elder Abuse- same as child abuse, this time the victims are the elderly person’s in a family. This includes neglect in providing their needs, such as medicines.
  5. This type of family abuse is perpetrated by a member child towards his/her own siblings.

Family is the basic form of a society and if a family remains intact and strong, the tendency is that, we will have a strong society as well.  That is the reason governments around the world are doing everything, to be able to safeguard its existence.  This includes safeguarding every right of every child, husband and wives too.

If anyone of you is experiencing such a criminal act, or you may have known a friend or a relative, who are experiencing family abuse, don’t hesitate to report this to the authorities.  By doing so, you are not only helping your friend or relative, but, also society as well.




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