Top 3 Health Mistakes that People Make

For most people in their twenties, health takes a back seat. People believe they can have their fun and then slow down later on in life. But what they fail to realise is that health is an ongoing process and that it requires continuous care to maintain a good standard of living. Here in this article, we look at the most common health mistakes that people commit.

1. The Binge Train

Most people in their twenties are either studying or working. As young adults, they tend to indulge a lot, and the toll that it puts on their system is often realised as they get older. Binge drinking is a huge issue that needs to be addressed and controlled from the onset. Students tend to save up cash during the week and let loose during the weekends by down a large amount of alcohol. The liver is the primary organ that gets affected by alcohol; the brain does as well, but the liver is important for the metabolisation of alcohol. The liver can only metabolise one unit of alcohol in an hour, and thus binge drinking puts liver into overdrive. The effects of binge drinking are felt later on when the liver starts to fail, leading to a number of side effects. A recent survey found that a number of people use alcohol as a stress relieving mechanism; with around 60% of women binge drinking on the weekends and over 50% of men binge drinking in general. We are not telling you not to drink; we are telling you to drink in moderation.

2. Gym

You’d be surprised to find gym on this list but let us explain. Most people join the gym, work out and pursue to stay fit. But the question arises whether they are truly healthy. Experts suggest that it is one thing to stay physically fit and a whole other deal to stay healthy. To stay healthy, one needs to perform daily activities to keep the body in shape; meaning, going jogging every day trumps hitting the gym thrice a week. At the end of the day the choice is yours; whether to stay healthy or look aesthetically pleasing.


3. Social Indulgence

A lot of people indulge in activities that they normally wouldn’t. We are focusing on social smoking; a number of people smoke while they have a drink with their friends. The habit can stick to people and make it extremely difficult to quit. So if you do indulge in social smoking, try to nip the bud before it takes over your life.

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