What is family service?

Family service is the support offered by some organizations, private or public, that will help the lives of many families that came from difficult situation. The service is made available to people with no other means of living and nobody else to turn to.  There are many of these organizations in New Zealand, who offer different kind of social and family services.

Here are some of these organizations:

  1. Health and Social Services
  2. Abused Service
  3. Family Violence Information Line
  4. Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Services(BPSASS)
  5. Tsiskele assessment and Therapy Service
  6. Women’s Self defense network
  7. These are just some of the organizations that offer support services to families in New Zealand.

What are the types of family support services in New Zealand?

  1. Early Intervention Services. The service provides support in getting skills and knowledge, to enable a child to develop confidence.
  2. Incredible year programs. These are sets of programs for parents and teachers of children at very young age, who are suffering from behavioral difficulties.
  3. Support for deaf children. The education ministry helps in providing communication support to families, to members of child abused family.

What are some personal services available to the people?

  1. Personal care. This service includes assisting the patients in showering, washing, laundry and etc.
  2. Household support. This service includes house cleaning  and other household chores.
  3. Care support. Care support includes hospitalization.
  4. Equipment to help for safety.

Is family support available in New Zealand?

Yes, family support is available in New Zealand. They are everywhere and some are non-profit organizations and some are from the government sectors.  They are group of professionals, who are expert in their own fields.  It is now up to the family, if they want to avail of the services they are offering.

Family support programs are designed to give families a chance to remain intact and connected.  This empowers them to continue to function as a family.  They came in different forms, such as emotional support, logistical support, health care, behavioral and education.  Without this family support programs, affected families will surely break into pieces and don’t have the chance to function as a family.

How can families avail of such services?

To be able to avail of such services offered to victims of child abuses, all they have to do is report the crime to the proper authorities.  This will give you a chance to being able to get the much needed support.  Reporting to the proper authorities also, will help in stopping the crime and give authorities that opportunity to implement the law.  This will allow them to improve existing laws concerning child abuse, if still it’s not sufficient.

Once you have reported the incident, authorities will refer you to the many non-profit organizations, which is best to serve you.  They have the documentation to justify your application for such family services. Keeping a child abuse crime from the authorities for the reason of shame and embarrassment, will not help you and the society. Such acts, will just encourage criminals to continue their activities.

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