Why get your Eyebrows Tattooed

Have you wondered how some women have such rocking eyebrows? Have they hit the genetic jackpot? Maybe they do a great deal to have those beautiful thick eyebrows. Slather them with castor oil and make sure to go to the best eye brow aesthetician. However, getting great eyebrows is not so difficult. You can get the kind of bros you desire tattooed. It’s a form of permanent make up which makes it easier for women to have the best looking brows without a great deal of effort.

Women who have sparse eyebrows know the pains of going through elaborate make up rituals each day. They would need to use an eyebrow brush, pluck out the strays and fill in the gaps using pencil or gels.

So why should women get their brows tattooed. The following are some reasons why an eye brow tattoo actually works.

  • Plucking or threading your brows a great deal can leave them looking sparse and thin. No matter how hard you might want to have your brows grow back, it can be a slow and painful process. When you have a tattoo done on the brows you don’t have to worry about having to pluck or thread your brows to have them looking perfect. They look great and completely alters the way you look.
  • Another benefit of tattoos is that you don’t have to worry about all the itching and pain which accompanies threading or plucking. Women with sensitive skin often have to face a great deal of swelling the first few days they get their brows waxed or thread.
  • Also women who are busy professionals and always on the go may not have a great deal of time to have their brows groomed. Imagine having to take an appointment every three weeks to get those perfectly shaped brows plus all that plucking which needs to be done on a weekly basis. Who really has the time to wait between appointments? Tattoos on the other hand allow you the freedom of having perfectly shaped brows. It actually helps save time on your make up routine.
  • The major reason why women are opting for eye brow tattoos are the convenience which they offer. Whether you need to enhance the shape of your brows, change or alter the shape or simply change the way you look, eye brow tattoos work for almost all women.

When going for an eyebrow tattoo in Gold coast you need to make sure that the tattoo artist is licensed. Also you need to make sure that they use clean needles and practice all safety standards and measures when it comes to tattooing.

Properly done eyebrows can complement the shape of your eyes as well. You just need to make sure that you go to the right aesthetician. They would study your face and try to decide the best shape for your brows. Just keep in mind to keep the tattoo as natural as possible. You don’t want to end up looking too fake or overly made up. Also tattoos are permanent and if you aren’t really happy with your shape it might be a tad difficult to do something about it.

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