Yellow Teeth Begone!

Let’s discuss something here, your teeth after the age of around six to eight years old are now your permanent teeth. This means that after these teeth no new teeth will come out. Primary teeth are the teeth that emerge when around six to seven months and by two to three years old they are all fully erupted. Permanent teeth also know as adult teeth begin to erupt around six to seven years and are usually all fully erupted by the ages of thirteen to fourteen on average replacing all primary teeth. Wisdom teeth differ from person to person, they may erupt, they may be missing, they may be stuck or impacted in the jaw and aren’t considered important for our jaw functions due to the evolving of humans and our diets.

So now by the age of twenty-five years old the same teeth have been in your mouth since a decade or more, these teeth have constantly been in an environment of testing and wear. Teeth have to go through sudden temperature changes because of hot and cold food and beverages that we consume. They have to go through both acidic and alkaline environments due to drinks and food that we ingest. They go through a lot of constant mechanical pressure because of chewing, grinding and tearing food. Basically, are teeth are always working and always subjected to something or another. As we get older this only increases and thus the care our teeth need also should reasonably increase. If in the beginning you managed to get by with light brushing, now you need to be more careful and brush more often properly as dentists advises and include other oral hygiene maintaining products such as mouthwash and flossing. Most people are able to do this and can thus take care of their teeth considerably well on their own. A common complaint, however, regardless of brushing twice or four times in a day that almost everyone has is regarding the color of their teeth. People as they get older tend to complain about ‘yellow’ and discolored teeth that make them uncomfortable when they smile.

Biologically as teeth repair their dentin, which is the second structural layer of their teeth, they tend to get yellower as more dentin is laid. Teeth also are discolored due to food constantly reacting with their surfaces and drastically discolor further in people that are regular drinkers of coffee and tea. For all these reasons and sometime due to a person’s own genes brushing will not make your teeth whiter. In fact, hard brushing in an attempt to whiten teeth damages the enamel surface of the teeth.

Why not look at teeth whitening? Teeth whitening at Chermside is guaranteed to improve your teeth appearance and color by using carefully and safe whitening chemicals regulated by dental associations and applied by licensed dentists to oxidize the teeth staining particles in your teeth and whitening them almost immediately. Teeth whitening at Chermside can either be performed either at the dentist’s office or can be given to you as a home teeth whitening kit by your dentist, following their instructions. It isn’t so difficult to get a pearly white smile, teeth whitening at Chermside can reveal the true color of your white smile in just one sitting!

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